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Re: C++ Plugins and virtual destructors.

From: Brendon Costa
Subject: Re: C++ Plugins and virtual destructors.
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 11:09:38 +1100
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Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Nov 2007, Brendon Costa wrote:
>> * As for exceptions, I have defined all the methods for the plugins
>> interface as throw() so exceptions may occur inside the plguin but may
>> not propagate from the plugin to the application. I honestly dont know
>> if exceptions occurring only within the plugin may cause any problems?
> Hopefully you are aware of what throw() actually requests from the
> interface?  Hint:  It is a request to effectively crash if an attempt is
> made to throw an exception through that interface.  It is possible to
> avoid a true crash, but only by implementing a traditional function with
> global scope.

:-) Yep. This plugin framework is for a program I have been developing
for the last few years called EDoc++. EDoc++ statically analyzes C++
source and can determine if exceptions may be thrown which conflict
with a functions exception specification among many other exception
related checks and documentation generation. I have not however had
any experience with C++/exceptions and dlopened modules before.

> I am not sure exactly.  If the C++ support framework for the module
> needs to mesh with the overall C++ support framework, then I assume that
> it is compiler/OS dependent.
> This topic is really interesting to me so I hope that someone with
> substantial cross-platform experience with this topic will chime in soon.

Me also :-)

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