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Re: Favoring static linking at configure time

From: Brian Dessent
Subject: Re: Favoring static linking at configure time
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 13:46:53 -0800

Peter Rosin wrote:

> to make link.exe select by itself. As Microsoft themselves typically
> doesn't have any libraries that are available both as dlls and static
> (do they?), there is no conflict (for them). MS would use foo.lib for

They do.  But the differentiate them by filename, not by extension.  For
example the C runtime comes in a number of flavors:

libc.lib - single-threaded, static
libcd.lib - single-threaded, static, debug
libcmt.lib - multi-threaded, static
libcmtd.lib - multi-threaded, static, debug
msvcrt.lib - multi-threaded, shared
msvcrtd.lib - multi-threaded, shared, debug

So the last two are really import libs whereas the first four are real
static archives.

But I think this particular example is a little flawed since most people
select one of the above by command line switches (/ML, /MLd, /MT, /MTd,
/MD, /MDd respectively).

[ There's a similar set for the C++ runtime and the mixed managed/native
runtimes as well, see
<>. ]


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