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multiple libraries with inter-dependencies and relinking with DESTDIR

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: multiple libraries with inter-dependencies and relinking with DESTDIR
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 15:52:36 -0500
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archives seem to indicate this has always been an issue, and while it's been 
getting better over time, it hasnt really been considered "fully fixed".  
what i'm looking at here is:
        SOURCES = some files
        SOURCES = some files
        LDFLAGS = ../one/
when doing `make install DESTDIR=/some/place`, the relinking is fine for  but when relinking, -L$libdir is incorrectly added to 
the linking step.  an -L flag pointing to the $DESTDIR/$libdir is added 
before this and that's great ... it means is relinked against the 
new/current version of and not some random old version in $libdir.  
the problem with -L$libdir being added *at all* is cross-compiling.  this 
path can easily be a host libpath which means it gets searched before the 
normal cross-compiler library paths.

for example, if needs -lpthread, the -L$libdir path will cause the 
cross-linker to search $libdir for libpthread before falling back to the 
normal internal toolchain paths.  sometimes the linker is lenient and just 
warns that the libpthread in $libdir is incompatible and so ignores it, but 
sometimes it's anal and will barf upon finding an incompatible library.

glancing at CVS head, the situation seems to be unchanged.  the code in 
question is in libltdl/config/ltmain.m4sh around line 4800 (the comment 
is "We cannot seem to hardcode it, guess we'll fake it").  -L$libdir is 
explicitly added to $add_dir without any checks.  when installing into 
DESTDIR, i dont think this is desirable at all.

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