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Native Windows through parity

From: Duft Markus
Subject: Native Windows through parity
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 15:57:44 +0100

Hi there (again :))!

I have a few patches for libtool in my queue again.... :)

        * 1.5.24 -> all tests passed
        * 1.5.26 -> all tests passed
        * HEAD (2.1c) -> all classic tests passed, log for new testsuite

I hope this time they will make it into CVS :)

For HEAD, I'd need some help, please..... I attached the log for test
no. 5, which fails like some others too with file not found errors which
I don't understand... (?) any ideas?

Note: I have chosen the *-*-winnt* host-triplet for my setup, since the
resulting binaries are plain native windows, so I think this is correct.
Also right now I'm the only one doing this, and as far as I know, there
are no collissions with others.

Note: I needed to patch config.guess to recognize my compiler on interix
(cygwin not done yet...). I did this for various automake releases and
the gnuconfig package from portage (did you know, that portage runs on
interix fine allready? :) I made a port of gentoo/alt-prefix). I
attached only the automake 1.10 patch, which should make obvious what I
did there. Of course this patch is not targeted at libtool, I attached
it here only, since it's a prerequisite to make things work on

Please could somebody review the patches and the testsuite log (which is
more important for me right now :)), and give me some feedback?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Markus

Attachment: lt-1.5.26-parity.patch.gz
Description: lt-1.5.26-parity.patch.gz

Attachment: automake-1.10-winnt.patch.gz
Description: automake-1.10-winnt.patch.gz

Attachment: lt-1.5.24-parity.patch.gz
Description: lt-1.5.24-parity.patch.gz

Attachment: testsuite.log.gz
Description: testsuite.log.gz

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