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Re: Sun Studio: STL libraries

From: Dan Lacher
Subject: Re: Sun Studio: STL libraries
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 13:05:09 -0500
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Sorry, I forgot the last point: As a result, we need a way to have Libtool not link in any STL library at all. How can we do this?

Dan Lacher wrote:
Let me see if I can clarify what we are attempting to accomplish, sorry if I was not clear in the beginning.

o the desire is to create a completely agnostic library that has no dependence on Cstd or stlport4 for the following reasons:
  * we don't use any STL in the OMPI C++ library
* we want libraries or application that link against the OMPI C++ library to be able to choose which ever STL library they want

The key point seems to be that having the OMPI C++ library link against either one of the STL libraries automatically includes some kind of dependencies and/or bootstrapping from that STL library, making downstream libraries/applications to use the same STL that OMPI's C++ library was created with.

Attached is a simple tarball that tests several combinations:

- Create a trivial C++ library (that uses no STL) in several different ways:
  <no additional flags>

target: build_clean
- Compiles a trivial C++ application (that uses no STL) against the above libraries.

target: run_clean
- Runs the trivial C++ applications (that uses no STL) and shows that an application compiled including stlport against a library that has Cstd will dump at runtime

target: build_std
- Compiles a trivial C++ application (that usesd STL) against the above libraries. Shows that when attempting to compile the trivial program against the stlport4 library will result in an error



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