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Re: AIX: More troubles

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: AIX: More troubles
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 07:40:20 +0100
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> >Daniel Sands wrote:
> >>I have an executable that dlopens modules, and the modules make use 
> >>of symbols provided by the executable.  Since AIX does not export 
> >>symbols unless either it has to (if needed for direct linkage to a 
> >>shared object) or you REALLY want it to (either by -bexpall or by 
> >>providing an exports list), these symbols don't resolve.  So it 
> >>either crashes (if compiled without -brtl) or complains about 
> >>unresolved references.  Is there a Libtool-standard way to make the 
> >>executable export all of its symbols?

I know about this issue on AIX.  What I don't know yet is why the normal
exporting of all symbols doesn't work out of the box (it should, for AIX
always_export_symbols is set), and when I will have time to look into
it.  Does adding
  -export-symbols-regex ".*"

serve as a portable workaround?

I suppose you can work around it on AIX by adding -Wl,-bexpall to LDFLAGS?

* NOT SPAM wrote on Thu, Feb 07, 2008 at 09:07:28PM CET:
> Another problem:  If -brtl is used on the flags, it doesn't build shared 
> libraries.  Why is this the case, and could there be a way to still 
> output shared libraries regardless?

First, please do not top-post.  Second, please do not hijack unrelated
threads.  Third, I'm not sure what you mean, as shared libraries are
built with or without -brtl, just that /without/ it, they are named
libfoo.a (just as AIX does with its own shared libraries).

Hope that helps.


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