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multiarch procedure

From: Steve Edwards
Subject: multiarch procedure
Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 01:07:45 +0100


I've been using libtool quite happily for some time but have just started 
looking at packaging libraries for x86_64 systems. I'm trying to find out what 
the recommended method is for installation of x86_64 64bit libraries.

Most of the systems I'm targeting are Fedora which expect 64bit libraries in 
/usr/local/lib64 etc. and use /usr/local/lib only for 32bit.

The compilers I have installed on the x86_64 test machine all build 64bit 
libraries by default (which is what I want) but $(libdir) defaults to 

Is the only method to manually set --libdir at configure time (I have libtool 
integrated with automake/autoconf)? I was a little reluctant to have to tell 
everyone building the libraries that they may (or may not) have to use this 
switch since I really was hoping to keep the configure stage as automatic as 

I've done some googling on the subject (with little or nothing concrete to show 
for it) and it appears that Fedora libtool was patched for multiarch support - 
although I'm currently uncertain whether this is still true.

I had a run through the libtool info at work and I'm sure I found a tantalising 
reference to multiarch (with a comment along the lines of "unless you know what 
this is you don't need it") but I certainly can't find anything on my home 
system (libtool 2.2.4)

Any suggestions for a 'correct' approach will be gratefully received!
(Please CC me in any replies as I am not subscribed to libtool on this email 


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