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libtoolize does not detect libltld directory correctly or what?

From: Peter Volkov
Subject: libtoolize does not detect libltld directory correctly or what?
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 10:54:20 +0400

Hello. I've just encountered problem that running libtoolize (from
libtool 2.2.4) inside libltdl directory from libtool-1.5.26 or older
instead of updating libltdl files leads to creation of libltdl directory
with its files inside. In other words if I do: 

$ cd libltdl/
$ ls
acinclude.m4  ltdl.c  README
aclocal.m4    configure    COPYING.LIB   ltdl.h
$ libtoolize --copy --force --automake
$ ls                  # you see new directory
acinclude.m4  libltdl  ltdl.h
aclocal.m4    configure    COPYING.LIB   ltdl.c  README
$ ls libltdl/         # and its contents is libltdl...
aclocal.m4  argz_.h  libltdl  lt__alloc.c
ltdl.c  lt_dlloader.c  lt__strl.c  README
argz.c      config   configure    COPYING.LIB   loaders  lt__dirent.c
ltdl.h  lt_error.c     m4  slist.c
$ ls libltdl/libltdl/
lt__alloc.h  lt__dirent.h  lt_dlloader.h  lt_error.h  lt__glibc.h
lt__private.h  lt__strl.h  lt_system.h  slist.h

The run for libtoolize inside libltdl directory previously always worked
and our build system wraps calls to autotools utilities and it assumes
that by default it's possible to go recursively trough all directories
mentioned inside AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR configure.{in,ac} macros and run
autoreconf/libtoolize in subdirectories first. So the question is: is
this a bug in application itself, in libtoolize or libtoolize works as
it should and this is wrong assumption that it's possible to run
libtoolize inside libltdl directory?

If you need test case to reproduce try sonar package from:

Thank you in advance for your time,

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