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Problems creating convenience libraries on IRIX 6.5 if -rpath linker opt

From: Tuomas Jormola
Subject: Problems creating convenience libraries on IRIX 6.5 if -rpath linker option used
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 14:23:24 +0300
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I'm trying to compile glib 2.16.3 on IRIX 6.5 using SGI's MipsPro 7.4.3m
compiler toolchain. I'm using the custom prefix /opt/local for the stuff
I'm compiling. I want to setup run-time linker search path for the
binaries to the prefix so I'm using the following flags are used when

CC="cc -64 -mips4 -c99" \
        CPPFLAGS=-I/opt/local/include \
        LDFLAGS="-rpath /opt/local/lib -L/opt/local/lib"
        ./configure --prefix=/opt/local ...

Glib has auxiliary library called libcharset, which is defined not to be
installed, snippet from glib/libcharset/


However, when I compiled libcharset, libtool does not produce static
libcharset.a as it's supposed to do but a shared library is linked instead.

I configured the same glib version on a Linux system with similar
configure options, but adapted for gcc/binutils. I looked at the
generated .la files on both systems and the libtool script the glib
configure script produced (it's using libtool version 1.5.24). I noticed
that on the SGI system, the line


is added to On a Linux system the corresponding line is


Investigating the libtool script reveals that a library is considered
a convenience library only if the value of the libdir variable is empty.
On the SGI system this is not the case, and the library gets linked as
a shared library, and all the libraries that depend on the library (e.g., are linked against the shared library. However, when
installing the package to the configured prefix, this auxiliary library
is not installed, resulting broken installation as the
needed is nowhere to be found.

So how does this erroneous libdir variable is placed in the .la file of
a convenience library on the SGI system? It's because of this piece of
code in libtool:

        set dummy $rpath
        if test "$#" -gt 2; then
          $echo "$modename: warning: ignoring multiple \`-rpath's for a libtool 
library" 1>&2

Value of the rpath variable is the argument to -rpath argument in
LDFLAGS, and it's value is assigned to variable install_libdir, which is
eventually written to the .la file. If I omit the -rpath argument in
LDFLAGS, the convenience library is linked statically, and is linked bautifully against it.

So my question is what is this piece of code supposed to do in the first
place? Why setting the install directory for a library is based on the
possible rpath linker option, potentially hosing the whole
convenience library mechanism in place? How should this be fixed so that
one can use -rpath in LDFLAGS while linking would work like it should


Tuomas Jormola <address@hidden>

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