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autoreconf vs. libtoolize when upgrading to libtool 2.2

From: Scott James Remnant
Subject: autoreconf vs. libtoolize when upgrading to libtool 2.2
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 10:21:25 +0100

Hey folks,

We've switched the default version of Libtool in our development version
to 2.2, and are doing such migrations as are necessary to permit this.

In the progress, we've encountered an interesting difference between the
behaviour of autoreconf and libtoolize that leaves you with a broken
build system and no warning.

It can be summarised thus:

 - autoreconf updates all files to their newer version

 - autoreconf does not install new files unless --install is given

 - libtoolize updates all files to their newer version *and* always

 - since this always installs, autoreconf does not call libtoolize
   unless --install is given

 - aclocal always updates libtool's m4 files, and includes the new ones
   into aclocal.m4

This means if you upgrade libtool, and run "autoreconf", you end up with
the old 1.5 and the newer 2.2 autoconf macros.  This obviously

I humbly suggest the following fixes:

 - libtoolize should not install files unless --install is given

 - but should update any that are already installed

 - thus, if libtoolize supports --install, autoreconf may freely call
   libtoolize when not given, and add the argument when given.

Assuming both maintainer groups are ok with this, I'm happy to cook up
some patches.  I'm also happy to hear alternate suggestions?

Scott James Remnant

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