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Libtool cross compiling issue : 1.5.26 vs 2.2.4

From: Erik de Castro Lopo
Subject: Libtool cross compiling issue : 1.5.26 vs 2.2.4
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2008 20:33:05 +1100

Hi all,

I do a bit of work on the libogg library. Some time ago I did a little
hacking on the build system so that libogg could be cross compiling
from Linux (particularly Debian or Ubuntu) to windows using the MinGW
cross compiler. In addition, the libogg test suite can be run under Wine,
the windows emulator.

I have now upgrated my Ubuntu box from Hardy to the Intrepid beta and
while the cross compiling still works the test suite doesn't. For
instance, for libogg, the autotools build generates a couple of test
executables (actual win32 executables):


and its these executables fail, exiting with an error code of 127.
However, since these executables are generated by libtool, the above
are just wrapper programs for these:


which do run correctly under Wine.

While trying to track down the cause of all this, I realised that
one big difference was that Hardy uses libtool 1.5.26 while Intrepid
uses version 2.2.4.

Is this a known issue? If not, anyone have any ideas on how to debug

Erik de Castro Lopo
"If dolphins are so smart, why do they live in igloos?" -Eric Cartman

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