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Re: how to link with libtool?

From: Matěj Týč
Subject: Re: how to link with libtool?
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 11:05:57 +0100

> Yes, it may be a good idea if somebody wrote this.
> It should probably depend on LT_OUTPUT.
> OTOH, the havelib module from gnulib already provides quite a bit of
> functionality in this area.

OK, but what should I tell to the library users? Using gnulib is quite
troublesome since
it does not have proper documentation and usage of the library would become too
complicated for a casual programmer.
And I don't like pkg-config since it breaks cross-compilation...
So if I understand correctly, do I have to check for existence of
and then write maude_LDADD = /usr/lib/ in my

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