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problem creating a wrapper for an executable

From: Andreas Otto
Subject: problem creating a wrapper for an executable
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 08:18:25 +0100
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  I have a problem with libtool creating a unwanted wrapper

0. OS: WindowsXP / environment cygwin but using the mingw compiler 
(gcc -mno-cygwin)
1. I only compile shared objects
2. The "src" directory has shared object files of a library
3. The current directory has a executable *not* using the library, only using 
the shared object files
server_SOURCES = server.c server_context.c server_context.h optionR.c 
server_LDADD = -lm ../src/*.lo
5. A wrapper was created and the "real" executable is in the ".libs" directory
6. No "undefined"
$ nm .libs/server.exe | grep " U "
         U .text
         U ___crt_xc_end__
         U ___crt_xc_start__
         U ___crt_xi_end__
         U ___crt_xi_start__
         U ___crt_xl_start__
         U ___crt_xp_end__
         U ___crt_xp_start__
         U ___crt_xt_end__
         U ___crt_xt_start__
         U ___tls_end__
         U ___tls_start__
         U __end__

Problem: using the "wrapper" executable during testing my software does not 
work proper -> I want only the "real" executable from the ".libs" directory.

Now I have to delete the "*.exe" wrapper by hand before I can start testing

-> "I do not want libtool generate any wrappers for me"
-> "I do not want wrappers at all"
-> "If I need any environment setup I can still use 'libtool execute ....' 
syntax or I do it by my own because I know my software better
as any libtool developper in the world"

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