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Re: Crosscompiling fails since Gstreamer moved to new libtool version

From: Andreas Frisch
Subject: Re: Crosscompiling fails since Gstreamer moved to new libtool version
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2009 19:58:03 +0100
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Dear Ralf, lists the required pieces of software that's needed for openembedded.

our dreambox openembedded environment can easily & automatically be generated with the aid of a makefile from

>>> excerpt from how-to:
One notable thing is that the directory layout changed to create one subdirectory per platform and a shared directory for bitbake and the sources. If you’d like to keep the old directory structure for version 1.5, to upgrade without rebuilding everything, then you can set UPGRADE_FROM_MONOTONE=1 in the Makefile. But don’t forget to move away your monotone repository.

If you’re going to make commits to your new Git-repository, then you should definitely edit GIT_AUTHOR_NAME and GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL, because this information will be kept in the commit history forever. Otherwise Git will create a mail adress from your local username and hostname.

The command to build an image has been unchanged: make -f Makefile-opendreambox-1.5 image

the make process could be interrupted as soon as the environment itself has created itself since you don't really need to bake an entire dreambox image.

instead, you could go into the build directory created, source env.src and after you've copied the attached bitbake recipes for the gstreamer packages into openembedded/packages/gstreamer simply type

bitbake gstreamer

bitbake gst-plugins-good

openembedded should take care of patching and bending around the autotools setup of every software package that we wand to crosscompile. that's how it used to work up to the last version of gstreamer.



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