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Problem upgrading Xorg--libtool issue?

From: David Ronis
Subject: Problem upgrading Xorg--libtool issue?
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 16:06:51 -0400

I'm trying to build Xorg (the git master version) on a slackware 12.1,
i686 box using gcc 4.3.3 and libtool 2.2.6.  The build/install went
fine, but the result was a disaster--basically, none of my pre-existing
graphical programs (e.g., gnome, firefox) would work.  

The problem is that the pre-existing codes were linked against an older
version of Xorg, one that included something called
This lib is no longer in Xorg, the needed functionality having been
moved to other libraries.  Nonetheless, when I try to run something I
get errors relating to libxcb-xlib not being found.  Putting back the
old libxcb-xlib fails as some symbols are no longer defined.

The xcb folks have only one solution: rebuild everything.  I'm sure that
this will ultimately work, but given the effort required, is not
something I'm willing to do.

So, I was hoping someone can suggest an alternate solution.  For
example, can I simply remove the libxcb-xlib references from all the .la
files?  How about simply making a dummy library?

Anything else?

Thanks in advance.

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