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Fortran libraries on the Blue Gene with mpi

From: John R. Cary
Subject: Fortran libraries on the Blue Gene with mpi
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 14:19:49 -0600
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I am trying to link some Fortran code on the Blue Gene (P) using
the xl compilers.  My configure script uses


and within that script I see

checking for Fortran libraries of mpixlf95_r... -L/opt/ibmcmp/xlsmp/bg/1.7/bglib -L/opt/ibmcmp/xlmass/bg/4.4/bglib -L/opt/ibmcmp/xlf/bg/11.1/bglib -R/opt/ibmcmp/lib/bg/bglib -L/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/gnu-linux/lib/gcc/powerpc-bgp-linux/4.1.2 -L/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/gnu-linux/lib/gcc/powerpc-bgp-linux/4.1.2/../../../../powerpc-bgp-linux/lib -lxlf90_r -lxlopt -lxlomp_ser -lxl -lxlfmath -lpthread -lm

The option, -R/opt/ibmcmp/lib/bg/bglib, is causing trouble with libtool,
as at the final link, I see:

/bin/sh ../../libtool --tag=FC --tag=FC --mode=link mpixlf95_r -qfree -qsuffix=f=f90 -I../../interfaces/src -w -qalign=natural -qpic -O2 -o testMmm testMmm.o ../../interfaces/test/ /soft/apps/LAPACK/lapack_BGP.a /soft/apps/BLAS/blas_BGP.a -L/opt/ibmcmp/xlsmp/bg/1.7/bglib -L/opt/ibmcmp/xlmass/bg/4.4/bglib -L/opt/ibmcmp/xlf/bg/11.1/bglib -R/opt/ibmcmp/lib/bg/bglib -L/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/gnu-linux/lib/gcc/powerpc-bgp-linux/4.1.2 -L/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/gnu-linux/lib/gcc/powerpc-bgp-linux/4.1.2/../../../../powerpc-bgp-linux/lib -lxlf90_r -lxlopt -lxlomp_ser -lxl -lxlfmath -lpthread -lm libtool: link: mpixlf95_r -qfree -qsuffix=f=f90 -I../../interfaces/src -w -qalign=natural -qpic -O2 -o testMmm testMmm.o ../../interfaces/test/.libs/libFMCFM.a /soft/apps/LAPACK/lapack_BGP.a /soft/apps/BLAS/blas_BGP.a -L/opt/ibmcmp/xlsmp/bg/1.7/bglib -L/opt/ibmcmp/xlmass/bg/4.4/bglib -L/opt/ibmcmp/xlf/bg/11.1/bglib -L/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/gnu-linux/lib/gcc/powerpc-bgp-linux/4.1.2 -L/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/gnu-linux/lib/gcc/powerpc-bgp-linux/4.1.2/../../../../powerpc-bgp-linux/lib -lxlf90_r -lxlopt -lxlomp_ser -lxl -lxlfmath -lpthread -lm -rpath /opt/ibmcmp/lib/bg/bglib /opt/ibmcmp/xlf/bg/11.1/bin/bgxlf95_r: 1501-216 (W) command option -ath is not recognized - passed to ld
ld: unrecognized -a option `th'

I.e., '-R' is converted to '-rpath', which mpixlf95_r does not like. It seems to separate
this into two args, one of which it keep, but then it dislikes -ath.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks...John Cary

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