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Re: Fortran libraries on the Blue Gene with mpi

From: Christian Rössel
Subject: Re: Fortran libraries on the Blue Gene with mpi
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 12:35:05 +0200
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John R. Cary wrote:
> Hi Ralf,
> Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
>> Hello John,
>> OK.  That's fairly easy to support in Libtool then: the only thing we
>> need to get right is to turn off shared library support completely for
>> BG/L.
> I gave the wrong impression.  This is a BG/P.  My previous reference to the
> compilers was because the BG/L compilers (I thought) are the same.
>> Can we assume bg* produces code for the compute nodes only?  Let's turn
>> the question around: how can we reliably detect that code is being
>> compiled for the compute nodes?
> I don't know for sure, but the experiments at the end of this indicate that
> bg compiled code works on the login nodes.

Hi Ralf and John,

Code compiled with bg* compiler wrappers is supposed to run on the
compute nodes. That is the purpose of the bg* wrappers. This also
applies to the mpi* compiler wrappers. Code compiled with the "normal"
compilers (e.g. xlc) does not run on the compute nodes.


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