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Problem with libltdl on Solaris

From: Will Mason
Subject: Problem with libltdl on Solaris
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 23:47:58 -0500

I've been using a project with autoconf, automake and libtool for some time. Today I added libltdl to my code. I ran libtoolize --ltdl --copy. My has this:


And my has this:

SUBDIRS = libltdl generator resources

And this:

libforxxq_la_LIBADD = $(LIBLTDL)

And this:


When I build on Mac OS X, everything is great. It all works perfectly. When I build on Solaris 10 with CC, my executables fail to link because of this:

Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
lt__argz_insert                     ./.libs/
lt__argz_append                     ./.libs/
lt__argz_create_sep                 ./.libs/
lt__argz_stringify                  ./.libs/
lt__argz_next                       ./.libs/

I can see no way to convince libtool that it should actually compile the argz stuff. In the Makefile I see ltdl_LIBOBJS = argz.o, but I can't see how to tell the system to actually target that file. Has anyone seen this problem before? Can anyone help me sort this out?

Thanks a lot for any help,

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