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Windows compilers

From: Christopher Hulbert
Subject: Windows compilers
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 07:14:47 -0400

Until now, I have been using for the most part the PGI compilers on
Windows which conveniently use most of the same flags/command style as
its Linux compilers (e.g. -L -l). I am now also trying to use the
Intel compilers which use the MSVC format on Windows (e.g. -link
-libpath:). I have been looking at the pr-msvc-support branch, but
have a few questions.

1. What's the future of that branch? Is it ever likely to merge into
master to become part of a libtool release and have a larger support
2. Based on (1), should I use/modify that branch or make modifications
to my own copy of master. I already have a branch modified from master
that works well with PGI on Windows.
3. Checking for non-libtool libraries using autoconf (e.g. Intel MKL)
requires knowing whether the compiler uses the MSVC or -L/-l format
when linking (at least for the few platforms I am working with). Is it
possible to develop an LT_TRY_LINK m4 macro that can handle that?
Unfortunately I think the libtool program is not created until the end
of the configure script. Would a macro like LT_TRY_LINK even be
desired by other libtool users? Perhaps it already exists?
4. Not being a shell-scripting black-belt and not having a lot of time
to spend analyzing the libtool source, the 8000+ line ltmain.m4sh
program is extremely difficult to navigate. I have managed relatively
small hacks to it, but some sort of flowchart might be really nice for
people like myself. Yes, I realize that it takes people time and
effort to develop, so don't think I'm just nagging for it. I would be
happy to help with it, but again I don't understand enough of libtool
to make it happen.


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