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Re: printing library version

From: Jason Curl
Subject: Re: printing library version
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 10:59:57 +0200
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Tor Lillqvist wrote:
What exactly do you mean with "library version" ? Note that neither
the libtool triple current:revision:age nor the Linux-style suffix it
causes to be appended after the ".so" correspond to the actual version
number for most libraries.

Isn't it simplest to just pass a -DMYLIB_VERSION="a.b.c.d"  when
compiling and then have a function
Well I've always needed to get the filename (somewhat related to the library version) when building Windows DLLs that I can prepare a file, that will be substituted with the filename and the api version with a self generated build number (e.g. from SVN). I end up having to repeat what actually exists in the macros in my own macro because there's no "function" I can call to get this information, probably because this is entirely handled within libtool. Then a non-autoconf tool can use Windows Resources to get the (lib api) version also and determine if it's compatible alongside the libtool rules for R:C:A.
const char *

or something like that?

But I agree with Tor here, the "Library Version" doesn't necessarily have to be the "Library API version" which is how I understand libtool.


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