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Re: LD_RUN_PATH and openmpi's mpicxx

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: LD_RUN_PATH and openmpi's mpicxx
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 21:32:35 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.20 (2009-08-09)

Hello John,

* John R. Cary wrote on Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 03:35:41PM CEST:
> libtool uses LD_RUN_PATH on Linux to pass the runtime
> link dirs.
> Unfortunately, OpenMPI's mpicxx ignores the envvar, does
> not pass it through to g++.

I'm not sure I understand.  libtool exports this environment variable
before invoking the linker.  If your linker is mpicxx, and that invokes
g++, then LD_RUN_PATH should be available to g++ unless mpicxx
explicitly unsets the variable, no?

> Is there a way around this on the libtool end?  E.g.,
> some way of forcing use of -Wl,-rpath?

This looks like an OpenMPI issue to me, if any.  But maybe you should
explain in more detail, and with an example, what goes wrong for you.

Hope that helps.


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