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using $bindir when installing using msys

From: David Byron
Subject: using $bindir when installing using msys
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 09:58:16 -0700

I've run into a situation where libtool isn't installing my DLL where I
expect it to.

I'm invoking configure with these options:

--prefix=/c/foo/install --libdir=/c/foo/install/lib/Debug

but when I run make install, libtool leaves me with:

$ ls /c/foo/install/lib

$ ls /c/foo/install/lib/Debug  utils-0.lib  utils.lib

$ ls/c/foo/install/lib/bin

I'm curious why libtool doesn't seem to be honoring the --bindir option I
passed to configure.  I see this comment in the generated libtool script:

          # Don't allow the user to place us outside of our expected
          # location b/c this prevents finding dependent libraries that
          # are installed to the same prefix.
          # At present, this check doesn't affect windows .dll's that
          # are installed into $libdir/../bin (currently, that works fine)
          # but it's something to keep an eye on.

I have a feeling I'm breaking the rules by doing this but I'd like to be
able to do it nonetheless.  Any suggestions for how to pull this off?

I'm using libtool from the pr-msvc-support branch but I see the same comment
in the released version 2.2.7a.

Thanks much.


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