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Re: GNU Libtool 2.2.6b released

From: Jeff Squyres
Subject: Re: GNU Libtool 2.2.6b released
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 07:18:54 -0800

Congrats on the release!

I'm a little confused by the version number, though.

2.2.6a was explicitly billed as a packaging change vs. 2.2.6. This was also the rationale provided as to why the "a" suffix was not included in the directory name from the expanded tarball. This new release has the suffix "b" *and* includes "b" in the directory name.

This is a departure from prior LT releases where bug fixes incremented the minor number -- I expected this release to be 2.2.7.

Has LT changed its version numbering scheme? More specifically -- what exactly do the minor version number and suffix now represent?


On Nov 16, 2009, at 7:07 AM, Peter O'Gorman wrote:

We are pleased to announce the release of GNU Libtool 2.2.6b.

GNU Libtool hides the complexity of using shared libraries behind a
consistent, portable interface. GNU Libtool ships with GNU libltdl,
which hides the complexity of loading dynamic runtime libraries
(modules) behind a consistent, portable interface.

This release is a bug fix release for version 2.2.6. The following
bugs are fixed:

   - Fixed libltdl to no longer attempt to dlopen() the old_library
     listed in the .la file. Now will use only the preopen loader to
     attempt to load it. This may be a security issue, all users are
     advised to upgrade.
   - Similarly, don't open from the current directory, this
     changes the behavior of libltdl to match the documentation.

libtool-2.2.6b is available now from, along with diffs
against libtool-2.2.6a.  Please use a mirror to reduce stress on the
main gnu machine:

Here are the compressed sources:

Here are the diffs against libtool-2.2.6a:

The MD5 and SHA1 checksums are:
  libtool-2.2.6b.tar.gz         07da460450490148c6d2df0f21481a25
  libtool-2.2.6b.tar.lzma       a4b36980765003b47dd75ac9429f4f11
  libtool-2.2.6a-2.2.6b.diff.gz a485788eb8fac09f7bb19b9f471ecf16

libtool-2.2.6b.tar.gz 5afa73c8ef9ebe64bbb438a0f8779c9036e43c55 libtool-2.2.6b.tar.lzma 18baaac89eed8be7bd2af2d2181598e176029cc6 libtool-2.2.6a-2.2.6b.diff.gz 161b4f775d2e17890a25fd791c2deb3a69dcf293

This release was bootstrapped with automake-1.11 and autoconf-2.64.

You can fetch the unbootstrapped source code with git by using the
following commands:

   $ git clone git://
   $ cd libtool
   $ git checkout v2.2.6b

Please report bugs to <address@hidden>, along with the verbose
output of any failed test groups, and the output from `./libtool
--config.' The README file explains how to capture the verbose test

Jeff Squyres

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