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Re: how to "parse" gcc -v output

From: Dave Korn
Subject: Re: how to "parse" gcc -v output
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2010 13:42:04 +0100
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On 04/04/2010 20:08, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

> I think extracting compiler/linker *internal commands* and trying to 
> process or adapt them is inherently fragile and liable to break whenever 
> new compiler/linker options (internal or otherwise) are added.  If 
> possible the aim should be to work out user-friendly interfaces for direct 
> GCC users and have libtool use the same interfaces while expecting how 
> they are implemented to change over time.  Interfaces by which GCC does 
> things (e.g. link a shared library for the multilib implied by the given 
> options) seem safer than interfaces where it gives information (if you ask 
> it for directories and lists of libraries, you might then find that 
> interface inadequate for handling per-library choice of static or shared 
> libraries, for example).  

  Essentially, libtool needs to know about gcc's specs, and what they do to a
command-line.  ISTM that using "-###" and the appropriate language-dependent
driver should do most things that libtool needs, but maybe we should add an
option to the driver that turns it into a command-line driven arbitrary specs
processor of some kind.  Ralf, might that help the situation, if you could
pass arbitrary command-lines to the driver and have it report back the results
of spec processing in some controlled and parseable fashion?


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