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Re: Issues w/ "relink" and cross-compilation

From: Philip Prindeville
Subject: Re: Issues w/ "relink" and cross-compilation
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:36:18 -0700
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 If a new version of libtool does come out that's more cross-compilation 
friendly, I'd be willing to scrub as many of the buildroot packages that we use 
as possible and drive upstream patching.

On 7/12/10 4:11 AM, Richard Purdie wrote:

I've spoken about this in the past but it looks like I should mention it
again. I do extensive cross compiling of the entire Linux software stack
using OpenEmbedded and Poky (I maintain the latter). We have cross
compiling working with libtool with a variety of workarounds. This
mainly consists of the following simple patch to libtool itself:

and then manipulation of the .la files with sed if we ever want to move
the sysroot directory, or use the .la files on the target device.

There are a couple of other patches we use. One is to allow multiple
libtool scripts to live in the same place by adding a cross prefix to
the tool name:

This patch also allows us to tell when the "wrong" (unpatched) libtool
is being used.

The final patch we're currently applying is probably a bug in libtool:

where a directory comparison was failing as one variable ended in a
slash and the other did not. We're fixing this by stripping any slash
off both options (the patch is pending an update to do this). I haven't
isolated a proper test case to be able to submit this one as a proper
bug yet though.

Longer term I'm still hoping we'll see sysroot support in libtool and I
may even find some time to start the ball rolling on patches eventually
but I'm not going to get to that soon, much as I wish it were otherwise.



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