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--with-sysroot conflicts in binutils and gcc

From: Khem Raj
Subject: --with-sysroot conflicts in binutils and gcc
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 13:23:51 -0700


When building gcc and binutils in a cross environment there is a
conflict with respect to --with-sysroot
libtool 2.4 expects --with-sysroot on configure options to use sysroot
which is fine now the build time sysroot
and run time sysroot for gcc and binutils might differ eg. when
building binutils build=x86_64-linux
host=arm-linux-gnueabi target=arm-linux-gnueabi, in this case we are
building binutils like a target package
in terms of cross compiling but if we use --with-sysroot without a
value then libtool will guess it right pointing to build time sysroot
but binutils will then use a default sysroot which is
not pointing to / on the target file system, if we set
--with-sysroot="/" then binutils will get it right but libtool
will get it wrong.

toolchain has two options when it comes to sysroot --with-sysroot and
--with-build-sysroot I think libtool should
also differentiate between two and set both to same if not explicitly
set during configure time. I think libtool
means to use build time sysroot and not runtime sysroot its just that
configure options are colliding

What do you think


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