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Re: How does libtool decide which so to link against?

From: Giles Anderson
Subject: Re: How does libtool decide which so to link against?
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 23:00:55 +0100
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Thanks Mike, Daniel and please excuse my ignorance in questioning libtool.

Do you know of a definitive guide & explanation of the correct way to 
SONAMEs etc?


On Monday 25 October 2010 22:17:01 address@hidden wrote:
> Giles Anderson wrote:
> > I have upgraded Boost and find that I have to re-link my own executables.
> > Should I have to? I dont really want to.
> Boost API changes generally involve more than a simple relink.  Their data
> structures and templates frequently change, often for bugfixes.  In fact,
> many boost libraries are header-only.  I would recommend a full make clean
> to remove old object files and do a full rebuild.
> The alternative is to follow Mike's advice and somehow preserve the old
> shared object files.  Since Boost itself doesn't have many external
> dependencies, this might not be difficult.
> - Daniel
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