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DLL creation and static libs

From: Matěj Týč
Subject: DLL creation and static libs
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 22:44:25 +0200

I have came across a libtool issue that complicates my life quite much.
The essence of the problem is that libtool refuses to make a DLL if it
is supposed to link a static library into the DLL. I have learned that
this is a good assumption since the majority static libs don't contain
PIC code, which would not work at all in the library.
However, a DLL of a project that I work on and that I would like to
cross-compile using mingw32 depends on libuuid.a, which is a static
library. This most likely happens to people from time to time, see the
link below.
For instance, I have encountered it because the mingw32 libregex (from
the gnuwin project) currently depends on it.

The trouble is that in this very case, it is OK to link with libuuid.a,
because it contains data only. However libtool doesn't want to link with
it no matter what.
The situation is described in more detail in the link below by people
who understand the stuff more:
So now the question is: What to do now? Maybe the mingw project is
wrong? Or maybe it can be checked somehow whether a static library
contains data only so it can be linked without problems? 
I also saw that Vincento Tori got involved in a similar issue, maybe he
discovered something and forgot to tell us? :-)

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