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libtool doesn't process LD_FLAGS arguments properly

From: Gavrilov, Roman
Subject: libtool doesn't process LD_FLAGS arguments properly
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 11:02:53 -0000


I’m using libtool to build xerces3 & Xquilla both use libtool to build the library.

It seems that libtool doesn’t process arguments properly especially those that contain space in the arguments for example –Wl,rpath-link{SPACE}PATH.


I’m setting environment variable LD_FLAGS to pass additional linkage flags to the compiler.

Those flags contains  -Wl,rpath-link PATH –Wl,rpath-link PATH


I noticed that when libtool processes those flags it omits the PATH and actually what is passed to compiler is:

-Wl,rpath-link –Wl,rpath-link


Which eventually brakes the build and some flags don’t get to compiler.


Please advice.





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