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Re: How does one specify linking to 64 bit libraries when there is a

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: How does one specify linking to 64 bit libraries when there is a choice?
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 12:10:53 -0800
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Hi Nelson,

I am nearly certain we (you) have reached a point where
libtool folks are going to say, "it is Guile", and Guile
folks are going to say, "it is libtool".  I am going to
say, "I'd like some help from either or both".

Because the guile-config invokes the guile binary in order
to print out the unvarying strings from the configuration,
it requires reverse engineering the entire Guile package
to fully understand how it comes up with the strings it
does.  I can do it, but I am not any more eager than you.

I think first up, someone from Guile needs to analyze
the machinery behind "guile-config".  I am willing to
help with test runs on the machines in order
to diagnose the issue.

Cheers - Bruce

On 12/17/10 11:57, Nelson H. F. Beebe wrote:
> Well, I have now done three more builds of guile-1.8.8.  The first and
> second supplied libdir=/usr/local/lib64 on the command line of all
> "make" runs.  That did not help: /usr/local/bin/guile-config still
> reported -L/usr/local/lib.
> I found that LTLIBICONV still has -L/usr/local/lib in the first
> attempt, so I replaced it by LTLIBICONV=-liconv for the second
> attempt.
> For the third, I did "make clean", then used sed -i + xargs to
> explicitly set libdir in every Makefile, in case it is not being
> passed correctly to child makes.
> That too does not help:
> % /usr/local/bin/guile-config link | fmt -w 10
>  -pthread
>  -L/usr/local/lib
>  -lguile
>  -lltdl
>  -L/usr/local/lib64
>  -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib64
>  -lgmp
>  -lcrypt
>  -lm
>  -lltdl
> For the fourth try, I used sed + xargs again to force all references
> to the iconv library to just use a bare -liconv.  Sadly, the incorrect
> -L/usr/local/lib option still appears.
> % guile
> guile> (define (get-build-info name)
>   (let ((val (assq name %guile-build-info)))
>     (if (not (pair? val))
>         (begin
>           (display-line-error
>            program-name " " subcommand-name ": no such build-info: " name)
>           (quit 2)))
>     (cdr val)))
> guile> (get-build-info 'LIBS)
> "-L/usr/local/lib64 -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib64  -lgmp -lcrypt -lm -lltdl "
> guile> (get-build-info 'libdir)
> "/usr/local/lib"
> I'm unsure of where to proceed at this point.  The logs of the four
> tries are in
> /usr/local/gnu/src/guile/logs/guile-1.8.8/
> P.S. I leave the country on a 3-week trip next Saturday (25-Dec-2010),
> and I won't have computer access during that time.

That will be after I leave (22-Dec), but I get back 12/27
(400 miles is still within the US).  I would hope this is
resolved before next Wednesday.......Have a nice trip & holiday!
Regards, Bruce

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