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-soname passed directly to the compiler

From: tom fogal
Subject: -soname passed directly to the compiler
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 14:23:30 -0700

A package we're converting to the autotools is having an issue building
a library; it seems to think gcc supports a -soname option.

  /bin/sh ../libtool --tag=CC   --mode=link mpicc  -I/home/tfogal/sw/include
  -L/home/tfogal/sw/lib -o -rpath
  /home/tfogal/dev/install-h5part/lib H5Part.lo H5PartAttrib.lo H5Block.lo
  H5BlockReadWrite.lo H5MultiBlock.lo H5MultiBlockReadWrite.lo  -lhdf5
  mpicc -shared  .libs/H5Part.o .libs/H5PartAttrib.o .libs/H5Block.o
  .libs/H5BlockReadWrite.o .libs/H5MultiBlock.o .libs/H5MultiBlockReadWrite.o
  -L/home/tfogal/sw/lib /home/tfogal/shigeru/lib/libhdf5.a -lc  -soname -o .libs/
  gcc: No such file or directory
  gcc: unrecognized option '-soname'

I do not think I am doing anything all that special:


  libH5Part_la_SOURCES =  H5Part.c \
        H5PartAttrib.c \
        H5Block.c \
        H5BlockReadWrite.c \
        H5MultiBlock.c \

I tried adding -version-info in hopes it would avoid the soname
problems, to no avail.  Attached is the gzip'd output of the libtool
invocation, with --debug.  I also attached the full

It seems like we should get a -Wl, in front of that -soname, but we are
not.  What am I doing wrong?

-tom (GNU libtool) 1.5.26 Debian 1.5.26-4+lenny1 (1.1220.2.493 2008/02/01
automake (GNU automake) 1.10.1
autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.63

�jJXM~������������+%�*������:�hԽA8�����f�����7*�F���Ũ� �9XC����� 
��쀙IbphZ� {I�        ������O�{��㹽
gSF�/�EY����46Ҫ��Y��fJX�����8a�g�1�k� +�ƴ޼y�b��P$\°�{�<�fBrۡ 
address@hidden|>�������?'��$1��ڔ���kf���Ϡs2�ڔ��T�׬�4�x����-1�q����o   
address@hidden(�O� address@hidden(gOud�3\�<c��       
�����F�?Nm��G���l���CN6\�d7��x���p��|����w"�V���̫�큜� *����v'�i��iK�-Ч��
8���|address@hidden��
F��(��"address@hidden>6�'��J{?)address@hidden)�>[�Y���v��2M �AC�O�����bK 
�>`ڴ����[`c��������������.Z$��~��C��ᙶ/D��4ɆL�(��]����;��Y�W:��7ʜ��ma�-   
# src level


INCLUDES = address@hidden@/include @MPIINC@

EXTRA_HEADERS =         H5PartPrivate.h \
                        H5BlockPrivate.h \
                        H5MultiBlockPrivate.h \

# Extra files that I wish to include in the dist tar ball.
EXTRA_DIST =            TestUnderscoreC.c \
                        TestUnderscore.f \
                        H5Part.f90 \
                        H5PartAttrib.f90 \
                        H5Block.f90 \
                        H5BlockReadWrite.f90 \

# Files that I don't want to include in the dist tar ball
nodist_include_HEADERS = H5PartF.h @UNDERSCORE_H@

# What to build... Will be determined by configure script.

# Listing of all possible targets that I may build.

# Header files that I wish to install in $(prefix)/include
include_HEADERS =       H5Part.h \
                        H5PartTypes.h \
                        H5PartErrors.h \
                        H5PartAttrib.h \
                        H5Block.h \
                        H5BlockTypes.h \
                        H5BlockErrors.h \
                        H5BlockReadWrite.h \
                        H5MultiBlock.h \
                        H5MultiBlockTypes.h \
                        H5MultiBlockErrors.h \
                        H5MultiBlockReadWrite.h \
                        H5PartF.h \

# Listing of sources
libH5Part_la_SOURCES =  H5Part.c \
                        H5PartAttrib.c \
                        H5Block.c \
                        H5BlockReadWrite.c \
                        H5MultiBlock.c \
libH5Part_la_LDFLAGS=-version-info 0:0:0

libH5PartF_la_SOURCES = $(libH5Part_la_SOURCES) \
                        H5PartF.c \
                        H5PartAttribF.c \
                        H5BlockF.c \

H5PartF.h: H5Part.f90 H5PartAttrib.f90 H5Block.f90 H5BlockReadWrite.f90
        awk '/INTEGER\*8 FUNCTION/{print "\t" $$1 " " $$3}' $^ >$@

libpH5Part.a: libH5Part.a
        $(RM) $@
        ln -s $^ $@

libpH5PartF.a: libH5PartF.a
        $(RM) $@
        ln -s $^ $@

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