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Re: Can you force the use of the internal argz?

From: Jeff Squyres
Subject: Re: Can you force the use of the internal argz?
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 16:33:09 -0400

On Sep 10, 2012, at 3:32 PM, Eric Blake wrote:

>> You can see that the error is that the glibc argz_insert is apparently doing 
>> an optimized memmove that is assumedly doing some kind of 8 byte read.  The 
>> only problem is that there is less than 8 bytes left in the string
> but AT LEAST 8 bytes before the next page boundary, so it won't fault.
> This is a valid optimization in glibc, and the glibc valgrind
> suppression file is supposed to silence warnings about this and other
> valid optimizations where glibc does large but aligned reads, and even
> does computations on the tail bytes, but where the computations don't
> matter because the algorithm necessarily detects the end of string the
> the hed bytes.

Ah -- this is a much better solution.

I'll followup with a local edit to my valgrind suppression file and send a note 
upstream to the valgrind folks.


Jeff Squyres
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