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Request for co-maintainers

From: Gary V . Vaughan
Subject: Request for co-maintainers
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2013 14:39:32 +0700


As I'm sure you've noticed, the rate of patches and improvements sent to
the list over the last year or so has far outstripped the current maintainers'
ability to review and apply them.

Would any of you like to help us triage the backlog, and stay ahead of the
curve for future patches?

Any help, no matter how small, will be of enormous help to the Free Software
community as a whole, and the Libtool project in particular.  Specifically
I'm hoping to find people willing and able to perform one or more of the
following tasks:

  1. Find unreviewed patches languishing in the list archives;
  2. Triage those and future patches, by applying obvious improvements
     to the repository; sending obviously broken patches back to the
     author for fixing and resubmission; and soliciting help with the
     review from myself or another co-maintainer for anything in-between
     if necessary;
  3. Helping patch authors through the FSF copyright assignment process
     where necessary;
  4. Testing on as many compilers and architectures as possible on a
     regular basis to catch corner cases between releases;
  5. Polishing of existing code for cleanliness and consistency.

If you are downstream of Libtool, perhaps packaging for a GNU/Linux distro,
or otherwise already have patches in the queue then you certainly have all
the skills required already… but even if you have no more involvement with
Libtool than using it regularly, something as simple as making a list of
links to the list archives for patches that have not been evaluated would
help get Libtool out of the hole it is currently in with a severe lack of
developer-hours to keep it moving forward.

Please contact me via the list or privately if you would like to help.

Gary V. Vaughan (gary AT gnu DOT org)

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