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Re: strang dual-architecture problem under OS X

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: strang dual-architecture problem under OS X
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 00:36:58 +0100 (CET)

I've now found out that it *is* a libtool problem:

>   libtool: link: \
>     (cd 
> /Users/wl/harfbuzz-0.9.26/src/.libs/libharfbuzz.lax/libhb-ucdn.a/unfat-91266/libhb-ucdn.a-i386
>  \
>      && ar x "libhb-ucdn.a")
>   libtool: link: \
>     (cd 
> /Users/wl/harfbuzz-0.9.26/src/.libs/libharfbuzz.lax/libhb-ucdn.a/unfat-91266/libhb-ucdn.a-x86_64
>  \
>      && ar x "libhb-ucdn.a")
>   find: warning: \
>     Unix filenames usually don't contain slashes (though pathnames do). \
>     That means that '-name `unfat-91266/libhb-ucdn.a-i386/ucdn.o'' \
>     will probably evaluate to false all the time on this system. ...

This warning message caused by this line in `libtool', in function

  darwin_files=`find unfat-$$ -name $darwin_file -print | sort | $NL2SP`

It searches for file names in the directory `unfat-$$'.  However, if
the value of `foo_LIBADD' contains a subdirectory, as in

  libharfbuzz_la_LIBADD = hb-ucdn/

this fails, since `$darwin_file' now contains something with slashes.


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