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Re: GNU libtool-2.4.4 released [stable]

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: GNU libtool-2.4.4 released [stable]
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2014 21:51:36 +0000

[[CC libtool-list]]

Hi Michael,

> On Dec 1, 2014, at 8:50 AM, Michael Felt <address@hidden> wrote:
> Not to the list. Not so important. Since you mentioned to read the manual I 
> am "finding" where AIX shows up.
> 1) - or something 
> else (not sure what ( 
> on PDF page 94 was pointing at)

I've looked at these two URLs, but not sure why you sent them to me...

> 2) trying to understand this - question - is it ancient for all platforms?

Yes, people have long since stopped sending me updates :(  I have already 
considering removing that list on a couple of occasions for that reason.

> powerpc-ibm-aix4.3.1.0 gcc 1.2f ok
> (egcs-1.1.1)
> powerpc-ibm-aix4.2.1.0 gcc 1.2f ok
> (egcs-1.1.1)
> powerpc-ibm-aix4.1.5.0 gcc 1.2f ok
> (egcs-1.1.1)
> powerpc-ibm-aix4.1.5.0 gcc 1.2f NS
> (gcc-2.8.1)
> powerpc-ibm-aix4.1.4.0 gcc 1.0 ok
> powerpc-ibm-aix4.1.4.0 xlc 1.0i ok
> rs6000-ibm-aix4.1.5.0 gcc 1.2f ok
> (gcc-2.7.2)
> rs6000-ibm-aix4.1.4.0 gcc 1.2f ok
> (gcc-2.7.2)
> rs6000-ibm-aix3.2.5 gcc 1.0i ok
> rs6000-ibm-aix3.2.5 xlc 1.0i ok

> 3) If #2 is not ancient - is there anyway I can help you update it for AIX 
> 5.3, 6.1 and 7.1? And maybe find someone else who can look at AIX 5.1 and 5.2 
> - if that would be "nice"?

Yes, by all means, please do send your build results to me or to the list, in a 
format that can be easily copied into the PLATFORMS file, and I'll update it 
before the next release.

> 4) IA-64 and AIX was never commercially released - only alpha - pre-release 
> test versions were ever made available (aka AIX 5.0).

Presence of any lines in PLATFORMS that refer to those are there purely by the 
strength that someone previously told me that they had successfully built that 
particular combination of Libtool release, compiler and host.

> 5) the PDF manual, although dated 29 Nov 2014 as file internally is For 
> version 2.4.2, 17 October 2011 - and I found no reference to the change 
> specified for AIX.

Ah, I see what you mean.  Apparently my PDFTex was not working when I updated 
the manual pages on the website, now fixed.  Thanks!

> sincerely,
> Michael

Gary V. Vaughan (gary AT gnu DOT org)

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