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Re: Tune rpath by env. variable

From: Pavel Raiskup
Subject: Re: Tune rpath by env. variable
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2014 14:53:46 +0100
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On Tuesday 09 of December 2014 11:53:22 Gary V. Vaughan wrote:
> > That makes sense.  Ideally, we could make the variable ./configure time
> > sensitive and also sensitive to environment.  Something like
> > : ${LT_SYS_LIBRARY_PATH="/configure/time/detected/LT_SYS_LIBRARY_PATH"}?
> Great. The only wrinkle I can see here is that we need the function for
> injecting lt_cv_sys_dlsearch_path into the dangling colon in the runtime
> LT_SYS_LIBRARY_PATH shared between libtool.m4 and
> I haven't double checked, but I'm certain we have functions that are
> shared like this without duplicated code already we can copy from.

Ouch, thats quite complicated.

If you think about new LT_SYS_LIBRARY_PATH like its just something which
enhances 'sys_dlsearch_path_spec', then that code-share should not be
necessary?  There would be two coexisting variables - and only libtool
binary ( should be able to deal with that.  LT_SYS_LIBRARY_PATH
could be just overwritten at libtool time if defined in environment.  But
all that dependencies are quite confusing so I can be wrong..

.. however, maybe you think that quite problematic the share with ltdl.m4
(via sys_lib_dlsearch_path).  That is ?clearly? configure-time only
variable which generates variable LT_DLSEARCH_PATH in c-header file.

In this case, using LT_SYS_LIBRARY_PATH at runtime would differentiate
LT_DLSEARCH_PATH with libtool's 'sys_dlsearch_path_spec' ... and could
cause confusion later.

Hmm, due to its requirments, it seems like LT_SYS_LIBRARY_PATH should be
AC_ARG_VAR-ed.  The system-wide libtool should be pre-configured correctly
according to system's needs anyway.  WDYT?


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