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Performance issue of libtool-2.4.4

From: Robert Yang
Subject: Performance issue of libtool-2.4.4
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2015 17:42:12 +0800
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Hello libtool,

It seems that libtool (2.4.4) has increased the packages build time, after
a rough investigation, it maybe because new libtoolize needs run a m4

    # Save the command pipeline results for further use by callers of
    # this function.
    func_extract_trace_result=`$ECHO "$_G_mini" \
      |$M4 -daq --prefix $_G_m4_traces - "$@" 2>&1 1>/dev/null \
      |$SED -n -e "$_G_transform"`

This may increase the build time (just a rough guess), does any other
one also notice the performance issues, please ? I will go on
investigating on it.

Any suggestion is appreciated.



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