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Re: Why is this library not found?

From: Aljosha Papsch
Subject: Re: Why is this library not found?
Date: Mon, 2 May 2016 20:47:33 +0200
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On 02.05.2016 01:23, Robert Boehne wrote:

I'd guess that the 2nd file not found error is a library that gneural depends on.

Also, you may want to build your library with -module, as that seems consistent with your use case.




sifting through the massive output of LD_DEBUG=all, there came something to light:

writev(2, [{" 16551:\t", 12}, {"/opt/gneural/lib/", 30}, {": error: ", 9}, {"symbol lookup error", 19}, {": ", 2}, {"undefined symbol: fp", 20}, {" (", 2}, {"fatal", 5}, {")\n", 2}], 9 16551: /opt/gneural/lib/ error: symbol lookup error: undefined symbol: fp (fatal)

Actually, fp is a global variable defined in gneural_network.c (file with main function in gneural_network). It seems some library source depends on that variable. I have only done very little effort librarifying gneural_network, so this isn't such a surprise after all. But now I know how to proceed...

Thanks both for your help! I learned quite a lesson.

Best regards

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