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compile only once?

From: Jay K
Subject: compile only once?
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2016 08:20:17 +0000

I was hoping when I say

it would compile just once, and make both a static library and shared library 
with the one set of .o files.

This is on MacOSX 10.10 I think glibtool 2.4.6.

It appears what happens instead is I still compile twice, but each compilation 
uses the same command line.
The only difference is the placement into the .libs directory and the rediction 
to /dev/null.

I understand that PIC in an executable is an unnecessary slowdown vs. non PIC.
But I think for most projects it isn't worth the double compilation, or the 
inability to use the static lib in a shared library.

  - Jay                                           

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