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Re: visibility support

From: Alexei Podtelezhnikov
Subject: Re: visibility support
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2018 21:10:23 -0500

>> Which LT_INIT option would enable the hidden symbol visibility support?
> There is no such thing in libtool as far as I am aware.  Libtool is all
> about supporting a core set of features in a portable way.

I was really asking to implement LT_INIT(elf-hidden) in the spirit of

Times have changed. All major compilers implement -fvisibility=hidden:
- GCC does it
- clang does it
- Intel C++ does it
- Solaris Studio does -xldscope=hidden
- HP C compiler does -B symbolic

Did I miss any major compiler? Isn't it a core portable ELF feature?

> There is nothing to prevent you from doing what you want in your configure
> script by adding to CFLAGS and/or LDFLAGS variables.  Just make sure that
> enabling or depending on this feature does hinder portability to systems
> which do not support the feature.

This is exactly what I have done. But I think this job suits libtool
much better:

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