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Re: New libtool maintainer

From: Alex Ameen
Subject: Re: New libtool maintainer
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2021 16:53:23 -0600
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That would be a huge help. Thanks for the tip, I'm filling out the account request stuff now. :)

On 11/21/21 2:04 PM, Russ Allbery wrote:
Alex Ameen <> writes:

For the non-Linux patches I can merge them, but I don't have personally
have OSX, powerpc, or Solaris boxes, and while I do have a Windows
partition I don't currently have it set up to run these kinds of
tests. Nonetheless I can merge these - if you have access to any of
those platforms let me know if you would be open to running `make check'
and posting the logs so I can sanity check the new behavior.
For testing INN builds on non-Linux, non-x86 platforms, we use the GCC
Compile farm project:

I am certain they would be happy to give you access as Libtool maintainer.

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