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Re: new release?

From: Sam James
Subject: Re: new release?
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2022 02:57:50 +0000

On Mon, 7 Feb 2022 12:14:29 -0600
Alex Ameen <> wrote:

> Thanks for all of the advice y'all.
> I'm going to get this release together as soon as possible and resolve
> issues from there.
> I agree that paralysis set in a bit as a result of me trying to test
> a bit overboard on my own ( lots of VMs ). I appreciate the reality
> check :)

Just let us know if you do need help. It's okay to even just get to
a point where you're happyish, send an email asking for testers from
master, and ask people to send you e.g. test suite results. A fair
amount of projects do this.

Thanks again for taking up the torch and +1 to everything
vapier said in this thread.

Gentoo has a stack of patches we'd like to push forward but my intention
at least is to wait until this next release b/c:
1. it's a burden on you (with too many people sending lots of huge
2. a fair amount of our changes (and most distros'!) will actually
end up being either similar or the same, at least in the result they
produce, so it's hard to know what to send until stuff all lands in
master. It's therefore easier for everyone for the short-term (just
until this first release is out or so) and we know what we're rebasing
on, etc.

Keep at it!


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