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Submission process for libtool?

From: Richard Purdie
Subject: Submission process for libtool?
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2022 21:42:43 +0100
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It was great to see a libtool release, thanks for that!

I upgraded Yocto Project to it in time for our LTS release:

so far things seem reasonable, we've had a few minor issues but they're not
really libtool's fault or concern. One interesting quirk was that the shell
script optimisation changes made between 2.4.6 and 2.4.7 resulted in very long
(6,000+ character) pathnames being passed to the C library functions. This upset
our fakeroot emulation but we've fixed that to workaround the issue.

Yocto Project is carrying a few patches. I did clean them up and shared many of
them in October:

Some are more important than others and there what I believe are good bug fixes
in there. My questions:

a) Is there a possibility these could be considered for merging?

b) Should I rebase and repost them? I'm happy to do it if it would help.

c) Am I using the right process for patch submission? I never did get a reply
despite asking publicly and privately. If I'm doing something wrong process wise
to submit them, I'd happily correct it.

Yocto Project is interesting as we can quickly test changes against the software
of a whole Linux stack across many architectures "quite quickly" (complete build
and tests in a few hours). I'm going to try and more closely track libtool
development so that we hopefully identify regressions from our perpective



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