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[Logo-bugs] Your invoice

From: Gerardo Cope
Subject: [Logo-bugs] Your invoice
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2006 01:34:04 +0200

Just have a look!

Clisk here: http://leadsintl.com

"His big foolish grin stretched even wider; he thought soon it would meet in 
the back, tie a lover's knot there, and most of his poor old bean would just 
topple off.
Less than five minutes had gone by.
He thought that if there was going to be a way out for him, tied to this chair 
as he was, it would be by way of the kitchen door — the one Annie used when she 
went out to feed the animals, the one she galloped from when Mr Rancho Grande 
showed up — but he ought to check this one.

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