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Re: visarga symbol in telugu inscript table

From: Mike FABIAN
Subject: Re: visarga symbol in telugu inscript table
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2022 11:28:32 +0100
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bru red <itt788@yandex.com> さんはかきました:

> did the change. My distro has now favoured ibus, and currently the 'm17n' 
> package is
> called m17n-lib, version 1.8.0. There is no file named "te-inscript2.mim", but
> "te-inscript.mim". In this file, i discovered a few days after reporting this 
> problem that
> actually the visarga symbol is attached to V (shift+v). That is not the 
> official
> disposition but for me it's totally fine. Making this change would be only 
> for ibus to
> comply with the *official* map.

> Actually I'm even intending to make my own maps for telugu and devanagari 
> since the
> official ones has lots of issues.

The inscript2 maps which follow the official standard have been added
fairly recently to m17n-db, see this commit:


There is no official release of m17n-db containing these yet.

Some distributions add these to their m17n-db packages.

If you are interested in trying te-inscript2.mim, you can download these


Then copy them to your home directory to these folders:

mkdir -p ~/.m17n.d/icons
cp te-inscript2.mim ~/.m17n.d/
cp te-inscript2.png ~/.m17n.d/icons/

Restart ibus:

ibus restart

(Or log out and log in again)

Now you should be able to use te-inscript2.

Mike FABIAN <mfabian@redhat.com>

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