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[Masterlibre-list] Prospective funding for the master program

From: Nils Ulltveit-Moe
Subject: [Masterlibre-list] Prospective funding for the master program
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 12:32:13 +0100

Hi Jesus

We discussed the Master in Libre Software in a meeting at HIA in
Norway last Wednesday, and we still have a way to go until management
at the University College is convinced, and funding was one of the
objections. If this could be done via Erasmus Mundus, then this is
really good news! 

Most other objections were practical matters, like how to deal with
different study terms The Nordic countries have two course termins - the first
starts in August and ends at Christmas, and the second starts in
January and ends in June. This is maybe different to your course
termins? Other objections were that the Masterlibre course had more,
and smaller subjects on 3-4 credits, whereas HIA try to standardise on
10 credit subjects. Another practical issue, is that for now, it would
be easier to work in subjects from the Masterlibre course into
existing Master studies in ICT than getting another Master degree accepted by
the authorities. To work the courses into our modules might mean
sequencing a string of courses into one module. 

Getting the Master in Libre Software accepted would take more time
than adjusting existing courses, but if the Master study was accepted as
it is presented here, then many of the practical issues may be less

We did a poll during Installuken2004, which is a local Linux and Open
Source conference about the interest for an International Master study
in Open Source. The students could choose from 1 (least interesting)
to 6 (most interesting). We also added some other subjects, and polled
some other factors, like the interest for international students
exchange. We got 20 replies, and one company that wanted to support us.

The results are:

5,6     Security        
5,35    Master thesis   
5,3     Courses given by famous, international experts  
5       System administration   
5       Configuration management, version control and cooperation       
4,95    Advanced project development    
4,95    General experiences related to libre software (multidiciplinary)
4,95    Possibility to take the course via distance learning    
4,95    Development environment and tools       
4,9     Standards (e.g. HTTP, XML or video formats)     
4,9     International student exchange  
4,9     Programming languages and language theory       
4,85    Software architecture and software engineering  
4,8     Advanced operating system theory        
4,75    Introduction to Open Source software    
4,65    Case studies (analysis of Open Source projects, companies,
4,65    Project management of collaborative Open Source projects        
4,63    Web systems     
4,58    Embedded systems        
4,58    Possibility to take intensive courses at other universities     
4,55    Legal matters, licences, legislation, intellectual rights       
4,5     Database systems, database architecture 
4,5     Compiler systems        
4,45    Distributed systems     
4,3     Office system architecture, standards and programming   
4,25    Distributed course with IT semesters in Grimstad and IS
        semesters in Kristiansand.       
4,1     Economy and business models     
4       Sociology and ethics  motivation, organisations etc.    
3,95    Multimedia      
3,55    Mathematical tools      

Conclusion: All subjects are more than average interesting for the
students. The students attending the conference were mostly computer
engineering students, so they seem to prefer the techical aspects to
business, economy, law, sociology and math. However, since we advertised
with Linux in developing countries in a newspaper ad for the
arrangement, we actually got some women attending that came for that
sole reason, so focusing on the right subjects may recruit more women
to technical studies. As another side note, we have already got our
first student, a Danish man, provided that we get the course up and

We will also like to suggest some new subjects for the Master in Libre

- Open Source in e-government and development aid.
- Mobile Systems based on Open Source.

Nils Ulltveit-Moe

"Jesus M. " Gonzalez-Barahona writes:
 > Hi,
 > I've been exploring some opportunities for helping to fund the master
 > program. In addition to institutions and companies which could be
 > interested in it, there is a rather interesting program which the EC is
 > (probably) starting in a couple of months: Erasmus Mundus. See
 > In my opinion, this program seems to be written exactly for a master
 > like ours. I've been told that first call will be probably launched in
 > late March.
 > In addition, there are some programs related to Socrates which could be
 > interested in our "mixed" learning activities (partly in-place, partly
 > distance). I'll give you more info about this when I have something more
 > detailed.
 > In case some of you is familiar with these (or other suitable) programs,
 > let me know. In case some of you want to help to find opportunities for
 > financing, please go ahead. 
 > Saludos,
 >      Jesus.
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