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Re: [Masterlibre-list] February Meeting

From: Jaime E. Villate
Subject: Re: [Masterlibre-list] February Meeting
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 09:47:07 +0000
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On Sun, Feb 08, 2004 at 09:13:17AM +0100, Joaquin Seoane wrote:
> I only see 6 people in that form. Neither Jesus Gonzalez, Manuel Carro,
> Jaime Villate are there. And I have to make other appointments that
> week.

I'm sorry for having dissapeared from the face of the earth for a few weeks :)
I cannot access Gregrorio's webform to fill in my schedule constraints.
During that week I can only go to Madrid on Wednesday 25th or Thrusday 27th.


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