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Re: [Masterlibre-list] subjects for the master

From: Manuel Carro
Subject: Re: [Masterlibre-list] subjects for the master
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 23:27:13 +0100

Jaime E. Villate writes:

>> On Tue, Feb 03, 2004 at 03:24:51PM +0100, Manuel Carro wrote:
>> > 
>> >     I have doubts about some particular data:
>> > 
>> >     * Some fields have what I think is a "default value":
>> > 
>> >         + <Tipo></Tipo> is left empty in all the subjects; shouldn't
>> >         it be TRO (from TRONCAL == mandatory)?  We are dealing with
>> >         the core subjects now.
>> You're right (I've translated Tipo as Type). According to the Schema, that
>> field is mandatory. The choices are: TRO, OBL, OPT, OPE or LIB
>> Do you know what those mean?

    These uses to mean (please, Spanish fellows, correct me if I am wrong):

TROncal: a subject which should be delivered in all deapartments which
    deliver the studies, and which all the students opting for a given
    degree must take. 

OBLigatoria (mandatory): a subject wich is set by a university as
    mandatory for all students pursuing a certain degree.

OPTativa (optional): a subject offered by the department(s) which also
    teach some degree and which can optionally be taken to fulfill the
    number of credits needed for that degree.  The TRO and
    OBL degrees are not enough to fill up the number of required

LIBre (Free, as in "Free Software" :-): similar to OPT, but issued a
    department different from the one some degree is offered by.  

OPE: No idea

>> >         + <Nivel></Nivel> is the level at which the courses belong; it
>> >         is set at "POS" (i.e., postgraduate).  It is possible that
>> >         this is the right level, but it is still not clear to me: does
>> >         this mark the degree students have, or the degree students pursue?
>> Since one of the choices is "DOC" (Doctoral Degree) I guess this is
>> the degree the student will be granted at the end. In that case, it should
>> definitely be POS (other choices are GRA, GOS or DOC).
>> I've translated "Nivel" as "Level" in the English version. Should we also
>> translate the options? that can be done by the XSL stylesheet.

    "Level" is right to me (but I am not an expert).

>> >         + <Prerrequisito> is set to "None" in all of the descriptions.  
>> That's an optional element. Instead of "None", I would delete it completely
>> when there are no specific previous requirements for the course.

    Well, I guess was actually referring to the non-existence of the
requirement.  Just pointing out that we should probably want some
requirement, right?



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