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Re: [Masterlibre-list] Again: project management issues and some tasks f

From: Janis Gailis
Subject: Re: [Masterlibre-list] Again: project management issues and some tasks for discussion (from AUC)
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 05:10:50 +0100
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Hi, Jaime!

I have started to use the application at Savannah server :)

To submit a new task and attach the files
to it, was not  a problem.

But I cannot find how to define a task category
(if you by that meant a possibility to define a
task pool, i.e., you could put several tasks in
one task category) . For now I just use the
"File attach" function, but I think it will be
difficult to cooperate on files using this feature.

If someone wants to make changes, he/she must
change the file name and upload the renamed file
for the particular task to the server (another possibility is
to delete the file on the server and upload
a new file with the same name).

I would prefer to use CVS, but it could be tricky
to get all people install and use a
CVS-client. What do you think?


Jaime E. Villate wrote:

I suggest that local groups use the same tasks manager for their specific

needs. For example, you can define a task cathegory for those tasks associated
with the acceptance of the Master in your Institution. In that way we can
follow what different local groups are doing.

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