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Re: [Masterlibre-list] Information needed for Erasmus CD application

From: roberto
Subject: Re: [Masterlibre-list] Information needed for Erasmus CD application
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:24:15 +0100

Dear Janis,
     here it comes for Paris 7.

To fill in this part, please use the type of institution codes, country codes 
and region codes indicated in Annex 1. Please group partners by country in the 
same order as in that indicated in Annex 1. Check the minimum number of 
partners required (see Guidelines for Applicants).


  Participating institution No 2

  Full legal name of the institution in the national language

  Universite Denis Diderot

  Acronym of the institution, if applicable

  Universite Paris 7

  Erasmus ID code, for Higher Education Institutions only, if available

  F Paris007

  Full name of the Institution in English, if possible

  University of Paris 7


  UFR d'Informatique

  Type of institution code

  Country code


  Town / City


  Region code

  Contact person
  Function:      Male (X) 
  Family Name:  Di Cosmo First Name: Roberto

  Phone (including country and area code)
  ++33-(0)1 44 27 86 55 

  ++33-(0)1 44 27 86 54 



  Is the institution able to recover VAT?


ii) CV

-  Roberto Di Cosmo is full professor of Computer Science in University
   of Paris 7. He has been in charge of the "Maitrise d'informatique"
   (4th year on studies) for several years and is now the director
   of "DEA Programmation", the 1st year of graduate studies of the
   University (see
   Besides being an active member of the research community on formal
   methods and foundations of computer science, he has written
   several influential articles on open source and free software, has
   been invited as an expert in free software issues by several governments 
   (notably Belgium and Italy), and has participated in various successful
   open source projects (most notably, the DemoLinux project, see, the first full fledged Linux distribution on
   a Live CD, that he created in 1999). He teaches a course on free software
   and law in informatics in the year 2004/2005.

-  Juliusz Chroboczeck is associate professor at University of Paris 7.
   He teaches courses on networks and operating systems, and besides
   being a known expert in game semantics, he is a significant contributor
   to the XFree projects (in charge of fonts, and of the Xvesa tiny X server).
   He has participated in several conferences devoted to free and open source
   project over the past years.

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